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Laird Noller Hyundai Topeka:
Our Road Trip Checklist

Whether you're taking a cross-country road trip or embarking on a weekend tour of Kansas landmarks, you want to ensure your Hyundai is able to accommodate a longer journey. To check if your current car or SUV is road trip ready, visit our Hyundai dealership in Topeka for road trip preparation service. We can inspect your Hyundai Accent or Santa Fe and make sure it is fully equipped to handle long road trips. From oil changes and wheel alignment to other road-ready services, the team at Laird Noller Hyundai Topeka will help you prepare for your upcoming road trip. We've even compiled a road trip checklist and other long trip tips to assist you even further!

Should I Take an Old Car on a Road Trip?

If you're planning on taking a high-mileage car on a road trip, be sure to visit our service center first. While older cars can still make long journeys provided they are up to date on all inspections and routine maintenance, you definitely want to have a high-mileage Hyundai looked at beforehand. If you are concerned about any pressing issues and want to upgrade to a new Hyundai for added confidence during your road trip, our sales experts will be happy to show you around our showroom!

How to Prepare a Car for a Road Trip

Prepping your Hyundai for a long road trip? There are many factors to consider, so visit our Hyundai service experts so they can take a closer look at your sedan or SUV. We'll help you get your vehicle road trip ready by performing a multipoint inspection and addressing any issues that may need to be resolved before hitting the open road. Some pre-trip service tips include:

  • Check your car's battery to ensure it is operating at full strength
  • Inspect your belts, hoses and other components
  • Top off all fluids
  • Replace filters
  • Check lights, brakes, tires and other integral areas of your vehicle

Need a Laird Noller Hyundai Topeka service team member to take care of this for you? We'd be happy to help, so don't hesitate to schedule Hyundai service and make your appointment today.

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